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Finding a Good Dermatologist




















Everybody wants to have good skin, and everybody wants to have a dermatologist they can turn to for regular maintenance or any kind of skin problem. How do you choose a dermatologist? That's the harder part, if only because of the fact that not all dermatologists are the same. Here are tips that can help you find a good one.


  1. Look for board certification.


Truth is, any doctor can call himself a botox boca raton dermatologist. But to become a good dermatologist, a doctor is required to spend at least three years of post-medical school studies on skin, hair and nail disorders.  Dermatologists also have training in skin surgeries and other similar procedures.  Once they have completed their dermatology training, doctors will take a comprehensive exam given by the American Board of Dermatology. If they pass the test, they become "board-certified" dermatologists.


  1. Find someone whose dermatological expertise aligns with your needs.


Aside from choosing a board-certified dermatologist, you'd also like to pick one who is an expert in the specific concern or skin problem you have.  Dermatologists have general knowledge and training in most problems, but there are extra certifications needed for special fields, namely, pediatric dermatology, dermatopathology and clinical and laboratory dermatological immunology. On top of these, a lot of doctors further choose to focus their practice on very specific areas which they may be particularly interested in. For example, some will handle only patients with allergy problems, those with skin cancer or young people with severe acne. Needless to say, you should find a dermatologist boca raton who specializes in the type of care or procedure ou need.


  1. Attitude


It doesn't really matter how good a dermatologist is if his attitude towards patients is unacceptable. Find a doctor who will treat you like a human being, instead of just a patient number. If you consult with someone and the doctor couldn't seem to wait to get rid of you, find someone else. You want a dermatologist who will carefully listen to your concerns and questions, and patiently go through them and explain them in plain lingo, not dermatology jargon.


  1. Find a patient-oriented, not business-oriented clinic.


Dermatology can be a very profitable specialty for doctors. Aside from treating skin diseases, many skin specialists also offer cosmetic procedures, treatments, and entire beauty product lines. There nothing wrong with this, but if you're being pushed into buying anything, it's time to find another doctor.



Insurance usually covers medical care provided by a dermatologist. If you have no insurance, tell your doctor so he can pick generic medicines for you and keep your costs down. Cosmetic procedures are almost never covered by insurance, and prices vary significantly from one clinic to the next. Do shop around, but don't think the cheapest offer is automatically the best. In fact, you should be wary about very cheap treatments because this usually means some corners are being cut somewhere. In any case, never choose because of price issues alone.